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Geopark Idrija


Geopark Idrija (GI) was founded in the municipality of Idrija with the aim to protect the geological and natural heritage of Idrija, to offer environmental education and education about the cultural heritage as well as to enhance cooperation with local actors. The connection, respect and coexistence of the population with nature is an important goal. Geopark is bringing together cultural and natural heritage with museums, information centres, village inns, agrotourism and local shops with traditional craft. It is supporting and enhancing the production and trade of traditional crafts, the development of tourism offers on the countryside, the education of local guides, who aim nature protection and promotion.


The goals of Geopark Idrija are:
- comprehensive and environmental-friendly tourism offers, with emphasis on natural and cultural heritage as well as on the experience of nature and culture, under one common brand
- education for all generations about contents of Geopark Idrija
- to enhance the development of activities on the countryside and to increase visits to the Geopark Idrija


We started with a content inventory of GI with a survey on the cultural and natural heritage, the design of a thematical path, an inventory on tourism providers and the thematical inclusion of GI. We promoted GI in local and international media. We created the Corporate Identity and promotion for products, the website, social media, learning programmes, the comprehensive presentation of the municipality Idrija and its heritage, the enrolment to the international network EGN, etc….


- comprehensive and unified appearance under the brand "GI" in the municipality of Idrija
- tourist offers with emphasis on geotourism and the experience of nature and culture, active tourism
- New local products and their promotion
- increased consciousness of natural and cultural heritage at local population of all ages and visitors
- increase of tourist visits




The most important part of Geopark Idrija are partners involved (local tourist providers, educational institutes, agrotourism, …) who give impulses for different activities and proposals for development. Partners conduct those activities and proposals also with the help of coordinators of the GI, the municipality and other institutions. An important part is the expert working group, which consists of 9 expert institutions, who give the professional direction and help to conduct the activities according to the legislation of natural and cultural protection as well as other legal provisions.


Geopark Idrija started its work in 2007 with the foundation of the initiative group, consisting of the municipality of Idrija, the mercury mine Idrija, the office for natural protection of the Slovene republic and the University of Ljubljana. In the year 2012 it was installed by degree in the Center for Idrijan heritage. Geopark Idrija is a lasting project in the municipality of Idrija.


In the year 2007 the budget for the foundation and formation of GI was 824,364 Euro. Offical assets (municipality of Idrija), private assests (mercury mine of Idrija and partners) as well as european projects.


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