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Toni Aschwanden  

Toni Aschwanden, Alpine Initiative/CH:
From hardware to software: a new transport policy for the Alps


Giovanni Bartesaghi  

Giovanni Bartesaghi, Lombardy Foundation for the Environment/I:
Building for a climate neutral future


Hubert Buhl  

Hubert Buhl, president of the “Alpine Town of the Year Association”:
Alpine Towns on the road to climate neutrality



Baptiste Chatré, Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention:
ALPSTAR, giving life to the Alpine Convention’s action plan


Laurent Chanussot  

Laurent Chanussot, Rhonalpenergie- Environment/F:
Energy scenarios for 2050: thinking ahead in the Alpine regions


Michel Dantin  

Michel Dantin, Member of the European Parliament:
European transport policy: competition versus ecology? (Abstract)

Loïc Dautrey  

Loïc Dautrey, Region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d‘Azur/F:
Climate change and tourism in PACA region: how to renew local and regional procedures


Dupassieux Henri  

Henri Dupassieux, deputy mayor of the city of Chambery:
Chambéry torwards 3 x 20. Strategies for 2020.


Gaifami Michela  

Michela Gaifami, Joint Technical Secretariat of the Alpine Space Programme:
ALPSTAR and the Alpine Space Programme

Josias Gasser  

Josias Gasser, Gasser Holding AG/CH:
Two birds with one stone: climate protection and the regional economy

Adi Gross  

Adolf Gross, Federal departmental manager for energy, climate protection and resources coordination, Vorarlberg/A:
Climate protection or perspectives for a good life?


 Emmanuel Jeanjean  

Emmanuel Jeanjean, regional natural park Queyras/F:
Climate changes and eco-tourism projects


Anja Lehmann

Anja Lehmann, B.A.U.M. Consult GmbH:
Intelligent Mobility for the Alpine Space


Helmuth Moroder  

Helmuth Moroder, director-general of the city of Bolzano/I:
How Bolzano builds carbon-neutrally

Nora Eriuccio  

Eriuccio Nora, former director of the Italian coordination of Agenda 21:
What is good climate governance?


Lydia Pedoth  

Lydia Pedoth, project partner in “Climate change adaptation by spatial planning in the Alpine space”:
Spatial planning and natural hazards. The experience of the CLISP project


Jernej Stritih  

Jernej Stritih, director of the Slovenian Government Office for Climate Change:
What ALPSTAR is about

Wolfgang Wimmer  

Wolfgang Wimmer, Managing Director Ökomodell Achental/D:
Participation works. The example of the Ökomodell Achental.


Markus Zimmermann  

Markus Zimmermann, Bureau for spatial planning St. Gallen/CH:
Wind turbines, biomass and solar power plants, a challenge for spatial planning?


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